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Wonderful Feedback From A Reiki Client ...

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

From a very lovely soul, who has given me permission to share .... thank you

" So today I had reiki with Carol from In Thyme For You

Again we shared thoughts, fears, smiles & tears. Reiki isn't for everyone & I don't understand fully myself! But I know what I see, feel, release or take on each time & each time opens a different channel for my mind. We visited the grieving of children growing & how it really is a grief as painful as any... you lose the child/ren you once had and once knew. It's all a learning curve and making adjustments. I believe I'm an empath, and with that comes a huge amount of not only strength, but vulnerability. Wanting to fix everyone we love can be emotionally exhausting and we can leave ourselves behind. I am grateful to be able to share myself in its truest form and in return have some healing, intuition, support and growth... from the lovely Carol-Ann Barnes and her thought provoking , mind informing , soul relaxing reiki session"

Read more client reviews here Please get in touch if you feel I can support you in anyway or if you would like to find out more about Reiki.

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