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My Coaching Story

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Thank you all so much for being here ... It really does mean a lot to me

I started In Thyme For You with the hope that I could reach, support and walk beside people who were perhaps in need of just a 'different space'

A different space to be heard, acknowledged and appreciated. Appreciated for all 'they/you/me/we' are

I, like many others, have much to share and much of what I have to share has brought me here to you today - Loss, trauma, childhood/inner child trauma, family addiction, loss of a parent, domestic difficulties and youngest child with Autism/SEN the battles with that, the list really does go on

A Spiritual Life Coach is about you ....your will, your life, your choice, your path and your journey .... if you feel you've lost a little of that along the way for, whatever the reason, then drop me a message - I might be able to help?!

Keep up to date with all the latest news and Reiki / Spiritual Healing offers on my blog here.

Love to all


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