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Welcome to new 'friends, followers and likers'

Welcome to new 'friends, followers and likers'

I am happy and thankful for you all, as I say, if you can help one fellow soul, then can definitely help 'a few' ..

It's been a hectic week with some real highs and some whopping lows...

As some of you know, I love all things Astrology - this week we have had the

full moon in Aquarius ( supermoon ) this is where the moon is very close to the if you've had a hell of an emotional week, this may have had a little something to do with it ...

We all are reminded daily ( some days ) more than others of our 'triggers, trauma and yes our torment'

As we move through the cycles of our life, some of this gets easier and some of it just gets louder ..

My hope for you is that if you read a little message, or you like a little post - it will help you feel acknowledged, supported and a little less alone ...

If resonates 'take it' if it doesn't then just leave it there ....

For the week ahead; no matter how far you travel, no matter how much you may be triggered' always try and return to 'you' ...

With peace, love and hugs your way Carol-Ann xx

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