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January ...

"January" ... As nature is still in hibernation...

As the early 'dark evenings' are still a 'thing' (although if you notice little by little the light is returning).

Take this time for you - what is it you want to do?!

I'm not talking about the New Year mantra of the 'new year, new you!!' nope, not doing that ....

What I'm trying to say is this ..."you may spend a lifetime, worrying, pleasing etc perhaps the same feelings of being lost over and over again?!"

Who you are, or what you've become to get through, to survive.. is not your fault, but your reactions to 'stuff' is ...

Giving away your 'power' is easy, learning to bring it back is no mean feat ...

Let go (as best you can) of 'fighting the old and look towards building the new' ..*I can help you too* Let me know if I can support you in anyway - please get in touch

Much love Carol-Ann xx

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